Friday, June 25, 2010

Lesbian sex in the Philippines

Pinay love Lesbians

My modeling work has been going well, lots of demand and making a lot of money, which is nice. Even got a “Glamour” Lesbian shoot with a model from Japan, that was a great experience and paid very well.

Lesbian shoot

Even some of my own photography is selling well, so things are good.

But enough about work, LOL !! we are also having a lot of fun. The beaches around Cebu are spectacular and if you are willing to travel outside the tourist areas, deserted. So plenty of opportunity for skinny dipping and outside sex (my favorite thing I guess). There are also plenty of nudist beaches in the Philippines and so much to look at that’s beautiful, so if you are like me and enjoy public nudity, you can’t go wrong here. Cebu Club Pacific, in Sogod is a particularly good one.

Its interesting how life develops, I started this adventure as a single lesbian girl and here I am in Cebu living with my girlfriend.
The maid and I are I guess a couple now, although a swinging one, lol. We even have our periods at the same time now (ok that’s gross and I'm sure you really wanted to know that).

Straight bars we avoid like the plaque. The number of Australian and American men “on holiday” in the bars is an eye opening sight. Most according to the girls are “obviously married” apparently it’s easy to tell, but that’s something way outside my field of knowledge, LOL.

The girls that do this work I both admire and feel sad for. I have spoken and socialized with quite a few and they are some of the nicest people I've met. They have an inner strength far beyond anything I can imagine, I know for one I would rather kill myself that let a penis enter me under these circumstances. But life's not that simple, these girls have families (many children) to support, so they do what they have to do. One girl I spoke to a lesbian, doing this job told me that “each time a penis enters her, a little bit more of her dies” that I will never forget.

It didn't take long before we got accepted into the local Lesbian scene and started making some friends and woo do these girls know how to have a party !!

Angels is a lesbian only strip club and bar, very wild, very wild indeed. Never seen anything like it in my life, girls making out and having sex together, all over the place. The maid I think thought she had died and arrived in Lesbian heaven.

There was some blond white tourist girl lying on a table her legs spread wide allowing, well encouraging anyone passing to lick and finger her, amazing sight really. Towards the end of the evening I saw a local girl almost elbow deep fisting her and she was loving every minute of it !!

The parties were even better groups of girls up to maybe 10 or 12, either renting a room or going to someone’s place for wild lesbian orgies, now that I am into.
Pretty amazing place really, different girls every night, it makes me dizzy just thinking about it, LOL

A wonderful place, it is an inspiration to see Lesbians living so openly, without fear or prejudice.

I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had our tickets and visas for the next stop. we never realized the Philippines would be this good.


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